Eligibility Criteria

Regular members (RM) 

    1. Neurologists (DM/DNB/equivalent international degree) 
    2. Neurosurgeons (MCh/DNB/ equivalent international degree) 
    3. Extra-ordinary neuroscientist: Those with degree in medical science (MBBS or equivalent) with outstanding contribution to movement disorders which are unanimously ratified by the Founding Members of MDSI
    4. All RM will be permanent member of MDSI and will have voting rights and will have rights to become an Office Bearer. 

Associate Members (AM) 

    1. All other professionals working in the disciplines involved in clinical care and research in the field of Movement Disorders but do not meet the criteria for Regular Membership will be Associate Members of the MDSI. Associate Members will include MBBS, PhD in the field of neuroscience, Masters degree or above, nurses, counsellors, speech therapists, psychologists and others who can demonstrate interest and contribution to the field of Movement Disorders. 
    2. A clinician having MBBS degree and PhD 
    3. MD/MS/DNB/ equivalent international degree (or higher) in Medicine/Paediatrics/ Radiology/ Surgery/ Pathology or any allied specialty interested in Movement Disorder. 
    4. AMs who obtain the necessary eligibility for becoming RM can do so after producing documentation and after paying balance fees. 
    5. One Founding Member or 2 Regular Members should endorse the interest and contribution of all applicants for Associate Membership to the field of Movement Disorder. 
    6. All AM will be permanent members of MDSI will have voting right but will not have the right to become office bearer. 

Student Membership (SM) 

    1. All students engaged in clinical and research specialisation in Neurology (medicine, surgery, paediatrics, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, neurosciences etc.) will be eligible for Student membership of MDSI. For application of student membership, a letter from supervisor/head of the department will be required. 
    2. Student membership will be temporary till the member ceases to be student. The student membership will have to be renewed every 3 years. 
    3. Student member will not have voting right or any right to become an office bearer. 

Membership Fees

Category of Membership Indian Residents For those residing abroad
Regular Membership
(Life membership)
₹8,000 SAARC countries: 200 USD
Other countries: 400 USD
Associate Membership
(Life membership)
₹5,000 SAARC countries: 150 USD
Other countries: 300 USD
Student Membership
(for 3 years)
₹4,000 SAARC countries: 100 USD
Other countries: 200 USD

Process for application

    1. Please transfer the required fees to the bank (details as provided below) and note the transaction number.
    2.  Fill the online applications form and submit it.
    3. For offline application forms, please download the PDF, fill the details and send it to the following address  (on the post – write in bold letters as Movement Disorders society of India)
      Dr Hrishikesh Kumar
      Movement Disorders Society of India,
      Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata
      185/1 A,J,C Bose Road, Kolkata 700017
      Email :

      Bank account details
      Account name : Movement Disorders Society of India
      Account no : 64141433313
      Bank name: State Bank of India
      Branch name : NIMHANS , Bangalore
      Branch address : no. 62, Hosur Main Road, NIMHANS, Bangalore – 560029
      IFSC code : SBIN0040675
      MICR Code: 560002480

Registration Form

MDSI Secretary

Dr. Ravi Yadav
Movement Disorders Society of India,
Professor of Neurology
NIMHANS, Bengaluru
Email :

Web Editor

Dr. Soaham Desai
Consultant Neurologist, Professor and Head, Shree Krishna Hospital and Pramukhswami Medical College, Bhaikaka University, Anand, Gujarat
Email : [email protected]