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Movement Disorders Society of India (MDSI) is the first Official national scientific society in India for the clinicians and researchers interested in Movement Disorders. It’s primary objective is to provide a common scientific platform to spread awareness and build a greater understanding of Movement Disorders in India. MDSI will promote education, training, research in clinical and applied neurosciences involving Movement Disorders.

Indian Rare Movement Disorders Consortium 2024

3rd Symposium, 12th – 14th April 2024

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President Speaks

Dear Members and Colleagues,

Let me express my immense gratitude to all of you, the esteemed members of the Movement Disorders Society of India (MDSI), for reposing your confidence in the members of the Executive Committee and in me, to lead the activities of the society this year. It will be our sincere endeavor to work tirelessly to fulfill the vision and mission of our society, which has made its mark not only in the Asian Oceanian region but also, the global stage of the MDS within a relative short span of time since its inception.

As we embark on planning the roadmap for the year, we need to reflect on our vision to bring meaningful changes in the lives of persons affected by various movement disorders through excellence in the understanding, diagnosis and management of these conditions. We envision an India where individuals living with movement disorders receive timely, accurate diagnosis and access to state-of -art treatment.

We are committed to:

  1. Promoting awareness and understanding of movement disorders among healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers and general public through educational events, seminars and community outreach programs.
  2. Promoting research and facilitating collaborative research efforts among our members to improve our understanding of movement disorders, evolve treatment guidelines and new personalized treatment protocols relevant to our people and enhance the quality of care provided to patients.
  3. Establishing collaborative partnerships with international organizations and professional societies to leverage collective expertise and resources in order to advance the field of movement disorders.
  4. Fostering professional growth of neurologists through educational programs conducted in the annual conference of MDSI, supporting  workshops and  CMEs in Movement Disorders and also endorsement of  high standards of specialized training through postdoctoral programs under experienced faculty.
  5. Advocating for the needs and rights of individuals affected by movement disorders which include access to appropriate treatments, support networks and resources for patients and families.
  6. Upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity and professionalism in our work, keeping the well being and dignity of our patients at the center of all our efforts.

I am also delighted to announce that preparations for our upcoming Annual Conference at Varanasi are well underway. As always, the conference will be a stimulating and enriching experience to all its members and I encourage each of you to participate and encourage young neurologists and allied members of your team to become members of our society and strengthen it. We also look forward to more submission of manuscripts based on your research activities to our journal, which will boost its readership. 

Let us work together to fulfill the vision and mission of MDSI.

Warm regards

Asha Kishore

Secretary Speaks

Dear Members and Colleagues,

“As we transition into the year 2024, this year marks several new milestones for our society. Having completed a decade of service, I am proud to state that the Movement Disorder Society of India (MDSI) has significantly impacted the quality of teaching, training, and awareness of movement disorders in India. This achievement stems from the tireless efforts of all past Executive Committee members and those actively engaged with our dynamic society.

The strength of MDSI lies in our energetic, dynamic members, whose enthusiasm and vigour have helped spread awareness and improve the quality of care for patients with movement disorders. Given that India is a vast country with many regions lacking specialists trained in the management of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, it is imperative to enhance awareness and training in this field, as well as to expand the network of trained healthcare providers.

I am pleased to inform you that the new Executive Committee, under the leadership of Dr. Asha Kishore (President), Dr. Ravi Yadav (Secretary), Dr. Pramod Kumar Pal (President-Elect), Dr, Sanjay Pandey(Treasurer) and Dr. Soaham Desai (Editor-in-Chief of AOMD), along with EC members Dr Sumit Singh, Dr. Syam Krishnan, Dr. Roopa Rajan, Dr. Pankaj Agarwal, Dr. Niraj Kumar, and Dr. Jackie Ganguly, has taken charge for the next term of the society.

I wish to acknowledge the massive efforts of Dr. Hrishikesh Kumar, whose able leadership as past Hon. Secretary propelled the society to greater heights. MDSI will always be indebted for his selfless service and efforts.

I extend my gratitude to founding members, Past Presidents and all the past EC members for their time, efforts and selfless contributions to the MDSI. I also convey my sincere regards to the international members whose active participation and exceptional work at the international forum are a constant source of guidance and inspiration to all members.

I request your continued support and active involvement in the activities with the Movement Disorder Society of India. Your contributions have been instrumental in the success of this society.

There are still many goals to be achieved in the coming years. Chief among them is to improve awareness of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders treatments across various parts of the country by forming a support network, to enhance the journal AOMD to become the voice of Indian movement disorders, to collaborate with international societies, and to improve our standing by producing high-quality research work in India.

I also assure that as always MDSI will be able to provide support and encouragement to the talented students and trainees working in this field by awards and prizes.

I seek your co-operation in raising the impact of MDSI further and to continuously strive for excellence in this regard.

Ravi Yadav

MDSI Secretary

Dr. Ravi Yadav
Movement Disorders Society of India,
Professor of Neurology
NIMHANS, Bengaluru
Email : secretary@movementdisordersindia.org

Web Editor

Dr. Soaham Desai
Consultant Neurologist, Professor and Head, Shree Krishna Hospital and Pramukhswami Medical College, Bhaikaka University, Anand, Gujarat
Email : [email protected]