• Providing a scientific platform for those clinicians and scientists interested in Movement Disorders.
  • Building a greater understanding of Movement Disorders and impaired motor control functions among clinicians and scientists.
  • Delivering better health outcomes for Indian and International communities.
  • Interpretation of new diagnostic information and the advancement of pharmacological and neurosurgical treatments for Movement Disorders.
  • Providing educational programs and trainings for clinicians, scientists and the general public with the help of latest scientific and clinical knowledge about Movement Disorders.
  • Conducting research in Movement Disorders in collaboration with different national and international organizations in clinical and applied neurosciences involving Movement Disorders.
  • Encouraging members of society to do research and to present their work in national and international conferences.
  • Developing and validating different rating tools for evaluation and assessment of different types of Movement Disorders as relevant to the Indian context.
  • Publishing guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of various Movement Disorders in India.
  • Publishing research papers, journals for development and enhancement of scientific knowledge.
  • Collecting donations from various sources/ agencies to fund research in movement disorders.
  • Publishing a society journal for publication of research articles on movement disorders.
  • Developing web based educational material for general public and clinicians.
  • Organizing public education programs to spread awareness of Movement Disorders.
  • Providing medical and other support to the needy patients suffering from any movement disorder.
  • To work as a unit toward understanding and research in movement disorders.

MDSI Secretary

Dr Hrishikesh Kumar
Movement Disorders Society of India,
Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata
185/1 A,J,C Bose Road, Kolkata 700017
Email : secretary@movementdisordersindia.org

Web Editor

Dr. Soaham Desai
Consultant Neurologist, Professor and Head, Shree Krishna Hospital and Pramukhswami Medical College, Bhaikaka University, Anand, Gujarat
Email : [email protected]